Water heaters ordinarily complete what they are supposed to do and commonly remain unnoticed until one needs a Jacksonville Water Heater Repair. Nevertheless, some of the problems that come up can be prevented with regular maintenance by an expert. Make sure to observe your gas burning hot water heater, because a few of the problems which can appear could be pricey and hazardous for family members and animals. Outlined in this article, we are describing 4 indications that your gas water heater might have to be replaced.

Dripping Water

In cases where there is water on the ground around your water heater or leaking from a pipe, you may need to upgrade the hot water heater. But, depending on exactly where the water is and what amount there is, you could possibly be all right. In case the water heater is leaking water out of a pipe and there is a little bit of water on the ground close to the tank, it is most likely the T&P valve. The temperature and pressure valve eliminates unwanted water vapor in the water heater, this kind of water vapor turns to water and will come out from the water heater through a pipe to the side of the unit. Whenever this is the case, it is actually completely typical and essential for the heater to work effectively. Don’t attempt to shift the T&P valve and do not obstruct it. In the event that you’re concerned with how much water which is coming from the pipe, contact a professional! In the event that the leaking water is coming from the bottom of the tank, it’s pretty much absolutely time to have a brand new hot water heater. When the water heater heats water the steel tank expands and contracts, this movement could bring about cracks and minor fractures, which will sooner or later lead to leaks. Once this transpires, it’s time to purchase a new system.Water Heater Repair in Jacksonville FL


Around the pipes coming from the water heater there are pipe fittings which ought to be sealed well to keep the pipe in place and keep water from leaking out of the hole. In case you are seeing corrosion around these pipe fittings, water is leaking out of the hole. Even though it is not a huge leak and is not going to bring about immediate damage to the heater, in the event the issue is not fixed, significant and expensive complications will eventually arise.

Burn Markings

In case you’re seeing burn marks at the bottom part of the hot water heater, there are 2 likely problems. But, both are very critical and each of them require a specialist. One problem could be with the venting. If your venting is blocked or had been mounted improperly, it could cause the exhaust fumes to go back into the house. This is dangerous and might bring about illness or a fire when left alone for too long. Nevertheless, that might not indicate you have to upgrade the hot water heater, which is a good thing. Another potential issue with burn marks might be that the flue pipes inside the hot water heater are blocked. This can bring about several dangerous problems and, sadly, the water heater will need to be replaced as quickly as possible.

Orange Flame Color

Gas water heaters have got a blue flame beneath the tank if it’s running. But, in case you happen to be noticing the flame is an orange or yellow color, as opposed to blue, the burner isn’t operating properly and is going to have to be seen by an expert.

There are many issues which could appear with gas burning hot water heaters, although together with frequent upkeep and annual examinations, you may be able to prevent the need for an emergency water heater repair in Jacksonville that can possibly be expensive. Give us a call today if you notice something unusual with your water heater!